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Chairperson: Mary Parra
Meeting Time: 1st Wednesday of the Month, 4 p.m.
Location: Chamber

Conduct the Chamber membership drive at least annually or more frequently as needed.
Educate Ambassadors and Ambassador candidates prior to any Membership Drive about the organization, function, purpose, and capabilities of the Chamber of Commerce.
Continue a viable Membership Retention program to insure continued participation.
Develop the Ambassadors Always Available (AAA) program to conduct visitations to community businesses three times a year.
Conduct Goodwill Trips as appropriate.
Provide the Official Greeting Service for the Chamber of Commerce, its committees, and the City of Alamogordo, to all visiting dignitaries as requested.
Support the Chamber of Commerce in the organization of the Trinity Site Tour annually in October.
Attend annual NACA (National Association of Chamber Ambassadors) conference.
Sponsor the Junior Ambassadors Program.
Membership in the Ambassadors is by invitation. This committee has its own rules, officers, and dues, which fully fund committee activities.


Beacon Committee

Mission: is also to provide support and networking opportunities to establish businesses in Alamogordo through promotions, seminars, and special events.

The Beacon Committee also presents an award to a Chamber of Commerce Business and Associate Member each Quarter. The Committee welcomes new Businesses and Associates of the Quarter.
Seminars: Conduct seminars and workshops and develop and provide resource information.
Each quarter of the year, the Beacon Committee will solicit nominations for a Business of the Quarter and Associate Member of the Quarter through nominations accepted through Member business locations and the Chamber Office. Nominations are also accepted online at
All nominees must be Chamber members in good standing. Each quarter the nominees will be recognized by the Chamber, its Board of Directors, and the Beacon Committee at a breakfast or luncheon meeting. The winners in each category will also be announced and presented a plaque acknowledging their award. An announcement congratulating the winners will appear in the Chamber Chat, newsletter and on the marquee. Finally, a banner will be hung at the business recognizing the “Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce Business of the Quarter.”
Each Business of the Quarter will be eligible for the “Business of the Year” award presented at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet.
Each Associate of the Quarter will be eligible for the “Associate of the Year” award presented at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Business Impact / Government Relations
Meeting Time: 2nd Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.
Location: Chamber

The Business Impact Committee is an information sharing committee that meets on a monthly basis to explore issues, events and activities that have or could have an influence and impact on living, working, and even playing in the Alamogordo-Holloman AFB area. Such issues might include economic, political, social, educational issues or a combination of all. Each month a speaker is invited to share his or her area of expertise, and the information is presented in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Such presentations often lead to related areas of discussion and committee action if required. Statistical information that might impact living and working in our area and the current calendar of events are also reviewed.

It’s mission is also to provide support and networking opportunities to established and new businesses in Alamogordo through promotions, seminars, and special events.

Citizen of the Year

A recognition awarded to one individual who has made contributions to the Alamogordo community in all-around community and civic activities. That individual must have demonstrated leadership abilities as well as personal and business progress.

Nominations are solicited from the community, Chamber members, civic organizations, and individuals.
Nominations are not carried over from year to year.
The Citizen of the Year is announced at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Committee of Fifty Chairperson: Dion Kidd Johnson
Dr. Allan Rickman, Vice Chair
Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday each month at 12:00 p.m.

The purpose of this committee shall be to promote the expansion, development, and effectiveness of Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range; to promote industrial development in Alamogordo and Otero County; and to promote and develop relationships with other governmental entities.
To the end that these purposes may be reasonably attained, any of the Committee of Fifty members, or others, with the committee’s prior consent, may be commissioned to proceed wherever and whenever necessary, and to be assigned certain tasks and duties if, in the opinion of the committee’s Executive Committee, such travel and representation would be consistent with the objectives of the Committee.
The Committee sponsors the annual Thanks Team Holloman appreciation party.
Membership in the Committee of Fifty is by invitation only. This Committee has its own by-laws, officers, and dues, which fully fund committee activities.

Executive Committee
Chairperson: Doyle Syling
Meeting time: Fourth Thursday, Monthly at 3:00 p.m.
Location: Chamber

The responsibility of the Executive Committee is to serve as the administrative body of the Chamber between meetings of the Board of Directors.
The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chair, Chair Elect, Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair, and shall meet monthly.

Nominating Committee
Meeting Time: Annually, not later than February 1.

The purpose of this committee is to prepare a slate of nominees for positions on the Chamber Board of Directors that will be vacant the next fiscal year. These vacancies will be announced to, and nominations accepted from, the general membership. For each vacancy, the committee will select two members in good standing from the nominations received.

The committee consists of the Immediate Past Chair as Chairperson and Board sponsor, two Directors who cannot be candidates for re-election, and at least two other members selected at-large from the Chamber membership.
The goal of the committee is to develop for these positions a slate of high quality candidates who have the desire to serve the business community in this capacity.

Transportation Committee
Co-Chairs: Joe Hardin and Casey Otero
Meeting time: Last Friday of every month at 12 pm
Location: Pepper’s Grill

The Transportation Committee monitors and draws attention to land and air transportation issues affecting Alamogordo and Otero County.  It provides a means of communication and dialog between the business community and local and state transportation policymakers.  At its monthly meetings, it hears reports from city, county, and state street and highway development agencies and from local transportation agencies.