About the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce

Alamogordo Chamber of CommerceThe Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce works to improve Alamogordo’s economy, increase the buying power of its citizens, and attract more customers to improve retail sales and gross receipts tax revenues which fuel our community. Alamogordo welcomes you!

The Chamber provides current data on business trends, population, marketing potentials, taxes, employment wages and figures, and state and federal laws. The Chamber works with other entities to provide small business management assistance through SBA loan representatives and SBDC counselors.

The Chamber arranges advertising for area attractions and encourages tourism in Alamogordo to help local business maximize income.

The Chamber works with the Otero County Economic Development Council to support the retention and expansion of existing businesses and to attract new businesses and jobs to Alamogordo to diversify our economic base.


To serve as an advocate for our members by promoting and enhancing the economic health and business climate of our community.


The Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce is an action organization designed to meet community and area business needs. Membership is voluntary and comprised of individuals, organizations, and businesses joining together to advance the commercial, financial, and civic interests of Alamogordo. The Chamber creates and distributes materials promoting Alamogordo, its businesses, and tourism attractions; supports economic progress; and provides a forum for business concerns to be raised and addressed.


Financed on a dues basis, organizational expenses are apportioned among its members. As a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization, the Chamber may also raise funds through limited fund raisers. The Chamber receives some state and local funding to promote Alamogordo and area tourism attractions. The Chamber may also contract to provide services for pay.