Air & Land Direction

This document is intended to provide a guideline for how the Air & Land Service team accomplishes its task of supporting the initiatives of Holloman Airforce Base and surrounding installations.

What We do

  • Build and Maintain Relationships
  • Educate ourselves (Using publications such as Airforce Association, the Early Bird from DOD, Air Force Times, and other valuable data sources

Why (To best utilize Otero County’s Resources)

  • Air Space
  • Land
  • Frequency Management
  • Military Peak Readiness Training

How to accomplish

  • Maintain/Establish Relationships
  • With HAFB
    • Find a contact that will update the service team
  • WSMR
  • Ft Bliss
    • Build/Develop Relationships
    • Understand the role of Ft. Bliss and what they want their relationship to be
    • Set up tours of Ft. Bliss and Macgregor Range
    • Set up Lunch/Networking
  • Relationships with State Representatives
  • Silver City
    • Reach out to Manny Gonzales who has many contacts in Silver City
    • Bring Representatives from Silver City to attend Holloman tours and better understand Holloman’s mission and role in our national security
    • Build and Maintain working relationship with Silver City
  • Kirkland Airforce Base
  • Representatives for Eastern NM
  • Prepare for BRAC