Our community strives to recruit new businesses, and develop industrial opportunities, and promote tourism. The City of Alamogordo works collaboratively with various organizations including:

  • The New Mexico True Campaign
  • New Mexico Economic Development Department
  • Otero County Economic Development Council
  • Alamogordo Center of Commerce
  • Alamogordo MainStreet

As a whole, these groups are focused on economic growth and sustainability for our community, including:

  • Creating and nurturing a well-trained, educated workforce
  • Ensuring residents can fill our jobs
  • Creating the economic growth needed for young people to remain and thrive in Otero County
  • Promoting Alamogordo as a tourist destination and a high-quality community in which to live and work
  • Redevelopment and revitalization of key areas

If you’re thinking about relocating or expanding your business into our community, please contact the Alamogordo Center of Commerce today to learn more by calling 575.437.6120 or emailing GB Oliver at dir@alamogordo.com.

The Otero County Economic Development Council, Inc. (OCEDC) serves the citizens of Otero County by recruiting, promoting, and facilitating the creation of new industries and assisting in the retention and expansion of existing businesses within the county. OCEDC strives to improve the quality of life for its citizens by facilitating job retention and encouraging economic diversity and stability for Otero County. The OCEDC created the Alamogordo Economic Development Plan, which focused on five targeted industries, including:

  • Department of Defense/ Aerospace
  • Film Production
  • Desalination and Water Treatment Technologies
  • Back Office
  • Agriculture

Business Infrastructure
The county’s transportation infrastructure provides ready access to markets and suppliers throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico gateways. Alamogordo is located at the intersections of two four-lane highways, U.S. 70 and U.S. 54. These two highways provide excellent connections to two major north-south and east-west interstate highways, I-10 and I-25.

Rail Service (including trailer or flat car) is available through Southern/Union Pacific Railways. Major airline service is easily accessible through El Paso International Airport, only 90 minutes away. Alamogordo can meet the telecommunication needs of nearly any business via CenturyLink, TDS Telecom, Tularosa Basin Communications fiber optic cable, which runs throughout the town.

State and Local Business Incentives
The state of New Mexico has an extensive incentives program. In addition to workforce development programs, bond programs, and private equity investments, the state offers additional benefits to businesses located in rural portions of New Mexico – such as Alamogordo. Many industry-specific incentives are offered as well, the details of which can be found at www.goNM.biz.

In addition to the State of New Mexico incentives, Alamogordo had adopted a local economic development plan, which allows the city to provide land, building, and infrastructure resources as incentives. Otero County Economic Development Council (OCEDC) makes recommendations to the city and county on these programs. The city and county commissions demonstrate a willingness to support job growth and industrial recruitment through the issuance of industrial revenue bonds, tax abatements, and cash incentives.