What is the Chamber Loyalty Card Program?

The Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce created the Chamber Loyalty Card (CLC) Program to encourage local shopping and to help our chamber businesses and community at large thrive.

The Chamber Loyalty card will grant cardholders exclusive deals and discounts offered from our chamber members. This means that the savings opportunities that our members are offering will only be offered to CLC Cardholders, providing unique deals and discounts in gratitude for their commitment to shopping small and their loyalty in supporting our local businesses and the chamber.

A multitude of businesses will participate in this program offering a diverse mix of different retailers, restaurants, services, lodging options, and activities. The CLC card is good for 12 months and will automatically renew annually unless specified otherwise on your registration form.

Chamber Loyalty Card Quick Facts

  • One-time purchase of $25, which is good for 12 months, beginning on the date for which you signed on the card.
  • Receive deals Otero-County wide that are exclusive to CLC cardholders.
  • Receive two key tags in addition to your card.
  • Discounts will apply to cardholders only.
  • You are supporting your chamber and local businesses.

How do I use the QR Code on my CLC?

How do I enroll my business in the Chamber Loyalty Card Program?

Be a Member: First, to be a part of the loyal card program, one must also be a member of the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce. Membership Dues vary according to the size of an organization, (specifically by number of employees within the business). There are numerous benefits to joining the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce and the Loyalty Card program is just one of them.

Decide on an Offer: Decide what type of offer would benefit your business best. If your goal is to attract new business and/or to market a new product or service, then becoming a participating CLC business may be right for you!

Fill out our Form: Before commiting to this program, please review the application in full detail. Then, complete and return to the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce or email it to brittani.gandy@alamogordo.com.