The Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce will start accepting nominations for Alamogordo’s Citizen of The Year (COTY) in April 2020. The Citizen of The Year Committee will make the selections, and the winners will be announced at the Annual Change of Command Banquet in June. The Citizen of the year committee is comprised of the current and past Citizens of the Year who can attend, in person, the annual meeting. The current Citizen of The Year serves as Chair of the Committee. The 2019 Citizen of the Year is Linda Rardin. Along with the COTY Award, the chamber has 3 other categories in which we accept nominations for. Please read below for more information.

Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year should be a living, breathing embodiment of what it means to be an Alamogordoan. When you think of Alamogordo, this person immediately comes to mind. The Citizen of the Year has been making a difference in our community longer than most of us have been alive. The Citizen of the Year should be somebody who believes in the values of Alamogordo but also understands the importance of a forward-thinking mindset.

Alamogordo’s MVP

This new category is designed for the movers and shakers of our community! Alamogordo is the perfect breeding ground for entrepreneurs and business people who want to make a difference! Look around and you’ll find them everywhere: your office, your church, your service organization, maybe your kids soccer coach or favorite barista! We encourage you to take a second look at those out there making a difference: today’s MVP may be tomorrow’s Citizen of the Year!

Small Business of the Year (49 employees or fewer)

You know the saying: there’s nothing small about your small business. Heck, you ARE the saying! From sunup to sundown, blood, sweat and tears, you and your crew do it all. But business is more than showing up and punching the clock: our Small Business of the Year nominees really do it all! Whether they’re manning a 5K water station or participating in Holloman’s Big Give, you can always count on this small business to give their most important currency: time.

Big Business of the Year (50 employees or more)

More employees mean more helping hands, and our Big Business of the Year nominees not only love this, they live it! More importantly, they lead by example, priming their staff to become future Citizens of the Year and MVP’s of Alamogordo. They volunteer with civic organizations in Alamogordo and work to create their own opportunities to give back, encouraging their employees to do the same. The ability of our Big Business nominees to invest not only with time, but sponsorship dollars, means even more events and activities can happen in Alamogordo!

Please keep these guidelines in mind, so when April rolls around, you have a nomination form ready to submit! Click HERE to download the form. You can turn this into the Chamber office at 1301 N. White Sands Blvd., Alamogordo in April 2020. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the Chamber.

Judging will be based on contributions to community welfare and betterment, participation in all-around community activities and civic enterprises; leadership ability; personal and business progress; cooperation with individuals and civic organizations here in Alamogordo. There are no restrictions as to age, sex, race, or organization.

COTY Committee
Linda Rardin Citizen of the Year