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** The Chamber has reached out to all local grocers and would like to inform all that there is NO food shortage in this country. Please be mindful and only take what is needed when shopping.** 

FROM ALBERTSONS on 3/24/20: “Things are changing rapidly amid COVID-19, but your Alamogordo Albertsons Market will remain open and stocked to the best of our ability. Our team members are working tirelessly throughout the day to clean and restock the store. The supply chain is moving and trucks are running more product to stores. Shelves are restocked periodically throughout the day. 

Panic purchasing is making it difficult to keep up with demand. The supply chain will catch up to the demand, if everyone will buy what they need and not stockpile goods. 

Watch for markers on the floor of Albertsons Market this week, to remind all of us about social distancing. It is important we flatten the curve of this virus by doing all we can to help ourselves. 

We appreciate your business and your patience as we work through these difficult times.”

Safe to Work Best PracticesPlease use the link below to access to the ‘Safe to Work”  Guidelines:


These guidelines are not exhaustive but offer a valuable starting point for discussing how best to reopen our economy. More information will come out from state and local health departments. We will continue to foster dialogue among businesses, health officials, and elected leaders to ensure we get our businesses and our residents back to work in a safe manner. Please visit our website at www.alamogordo.com for ongoing information on these and other practices.

Your Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce is now OPEN Monday – Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. 
We Are Here With You, and We Are Here For You. Alamogordo is Stronger Together. #AlamogordoStrong

Source: Schmittle, Maureen, Otero County Health Promotion Specialist, “Food Guide for April” Food Guide for April, 10 Apr. 2020

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