Alamogordo Restaurants and Online Menus

Support our local restaurants by ordering delivery or takeout. Click here for a list of Alamogordo’s restaurants, their online menus and take-out options.

15 Little Acts of Kindness to Implement During COVID-19

About a week ago the people in my county received a very different type of emergency communication. I'm in a popular hurricane area so those who signed up for emergency text messages are no stranger to them. However, even when we were evacuated…

4 Simple Things to Do to Making Working from Home Easier

Working from home is an ideal that many people have longed for but the reality of it can be disenchanting. It takes some special skills to make it work. In this article we will cover four simple things you can do to make working at home easier…

Information for Workers Affected by the Coronavirus

For information including: Applying for Benefits, Eligibility for Benefits and general unemployment questions, visit